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Marcella Sherfield grew up drawn to fashion with an eye for style. After graduating with a Bachelors in Fashion Merchandising, Marcella started online personal styling where she fell in love with dressing her clients and helping them feel beautiful and confident. After a few years assisting powerful women all across the US feel better about themselves on a day to day basis, Marcella decided she was ready to branch out to professional athletes. School of Style certified, Marcella has now styled many NFL athletes since the genesis of her shift to fashion styling.

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When asked why she loves styling and why she chose professional athletes, Marcella said: “For so long, men’s style has stayed within the box and confines of what’s expected (besides the select few who dared to challenge the status quo and are now considered fashion icons) so I want to continue to push the envelope in new and innovative ways that are stylish and unique but also relatable so that young kids looking up to their favorite athletes can dress like them. Styling men seems like such an underrated and overlooked aspect of fashion but I see a lot of potential in the details of a man’s look. It’s also about the swag: the way an athlete feels walking into the stadium/arena is going to be a huge factor in the game. Whether it’s music, what they’re wearing, what they are repeating in their mind - it all affects their play.”



Collaboration is one of Marcella’s favorite parts about working with her clients saying, “ I love when two creative minds come together to create looks that turn heads from all directions. I’m not afraid to let my creativity guide me, almost like a gut instinct, and listen to my clients so that the end result can be one we are both satisfied with.” With years of experience and networking in her toolbox, Marcella is looking forward to working with more athletes and growing creatively as her business expands.